Pledge (2019) Movie Review

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Like washing blood out of a Toga.

Synopsis: It’s Rush Week, and a couple of outcasts are looking for a party. Not only do they get invited to a fun night at an isolated frat house, but they are also invited by the pledge-masters to join their fraternity. The pledgers soon find that the hazing is a much more extreme then they thought.

Phillip Andre Botello, Zachery Byrd, and Zack Weiner in Pledge (2018)

Review: One of the biggest problems with this Horror film is that there’s no Horror. By that, I mean that there aren’t any attempts to try and build tension. There are not even any jump-scares in this movie; to be fair, that could also be considered a plus. Rather than trying to make scary moments, the film does try to make up for it by having some rather disturbing moments. This does help give the film some of its moments of unease.

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Aside from the sheer brutality and gross-out moments, there’s also plenty of blood that may satisfy some gorehounds out there. However, these moments would certainly be more effective if the protagonists were enjoyable. To be fair, they do try to make them identifiable with some viewers, but I just didn’t particularly care for them. It’s as if they tried too hard to make them sad and pathetic, that they more-so come off as annoying.

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However, the villains I actually find entertaining. The pledge-masters are so delightfully wicked that it actually keeps you invested and want to know more about what’s going on. Right up to the point where everything gets revealed in a rather unique and satisfying way. I dare not spoil anything so I’d rather just end things here and let you see for yourselves.

Not one the best thrillers out there but it’s anything but bad. In fact, it’s actually a lot better than you’d think. This is not a film that will scare you but it may just creep you out and make you feel uncomfortable. Fun villains, a unique twist and a decent amount of gore. If you get around to it, it wouldn’t kill you to check it out.

Score: 6.5/10

Pros: Good Villains, Unique Twists & Decent Gore

Cons: Unlikable Protagonists & No Real Scares

Pledge (owned by BoulderLight Pictures, Stag Pictures & IFC Midnight)


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  1. Kimmee · January 19

    AWESOME “take”‼️ And a very GOOD read‼️👍🏾


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